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A note from Andy, owner of Lions Roar Media:

As I mentioned on the About page, I had a foray into tourism that lasted about 8 years. Before 2013 I built a lot of websites, but 8+ years is almost a lifetime on the internet and all those sites have been redesigned since then. Therefore, my current portfolio online is actually quite small (but hopefully not for long).

If all my websites were still online it would be an eclectic portfolio. I’ve built websites for Engineering Companies, Local Businesses, Therapists, Hotels & Hostels, Tour Companies, PA/Speaker Hire, Restaurants, Natural Health Schools, Life Coaches, Yoga Teachers and plenty of others that I can’t even remember.

Current Online Portfolio

AJ Foster for Iowa Senate 2022

AJ contacted me after he saw the work I did for Brian Cates and he wanted me to make him a better website to support his campaign for getting elected to the Iowa senate in 2022. This is one of my favorite projects to date.

Brian Cates - Rise of the New Media

I’ve been a big fan of Brian’s work since I found him on Twitter in 2018. I contacted him about building a website to sell his books and essentially be a portal to all his work around the web.

Tango Whiskey Trailer Transport Limited

Tim is a US veteran who now has a RV/5th-Wheel moving company that’s based in Colorado. I came across him on Gab and offered to help him improve his website, SEO and marketing.

Ariane Davalos - Massage Therapist

Ariane is a massage therapist in Montreal, Canada. I built this website for her early in 2021 based on a special template I designed for therapists. It quickly ranked quite well in Google and she saw a big increase in her bookings.

Angel's Amazon Adventures

Angel is a good friend of mine who I’ve known since 2009 when I moved to the crazy city of Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon. Angel is an experience jungle guide who likes to take people off the beaten track on his amazing canoe adventures.

Amazon Jungle Survival Tours

Edgar Mohena who runs Amazon Jungle Survival Tours is another friend of mine in Iquitos and is also a jungle tour guide but specialises in jungle survival skills training and a few other types of tours.