Independent College Admissions Counseling for San Ramon & Danville

Got College Application Overwhelm?

We take all the stress and hard work out of the college admissions process.

Why work with an independent college counselor?

The college admission process is one of the most stressful times for a student and their family. At EdMD we understand the complexities of the process and are there to help you navigate it and support you through it.

Utilizing an independent college counselor will help alleviate stress by working with your family to figure out your wants and needs, outlining a plan for you to follow.

Did you know that high school counselors spend an average of 23 minutes working with their college-bound students on the college search and planning process? Most high school counselors work with more than 350 students and the help they provide is usually insufficient.

EdMD gives you all the help you need.

With high-level, boutique, one-on-one services such as College Prep & Roadmapping, College & Major Selection, College Applications & Essay Assistance & Financial Aid Assistance, your family can rest-assured that EdMD will give your student the expert-level guidance they need to complete the college admission process from A to Z successfully.


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Why Choose EdMD?

EdMD differs from other college admissions service firms in many ways.
 Our customizable approach allows you to…


We offer plans that allow our clients to add a la carte services as they see fit to meet the needs of each student in their household, thereby creating a fully customizable and affordable service plan.


We can assist you with financial aid forms for first-year and transfer students, and renewals. Additionally, hiring us for college application assistance is not a requirement to get help with financial aid forms.



Applying to more schools? Did a college request additional information? No problem! We allow you to add services as needed, which helps to keep your overall costs as low as possible.

How We Can Help

EdMD’s unique process and most current data will help you in preparing and applying to colleges.

College Prep & Roadmapping

Roadmapping is the first step in your college admissions journey where we lay out the college prep process, step-by-step, into a manageable timeline as well as the roles and responsibilities for all involved. We also provide a list of optimal colleges and majors based on your student’s life goals.

College Applications

Based on your chosen colleges list, we will determine which applications are required: Cal State, UC, Commonapp, Coalition App or College Specific App. We then guide you through the actual application submission process.

College Essays

Some of the colleges you may have chosen to apply to may require either basic or extensive essays to be written and submitted as part of your application. We offer several levels of essay assistance based on the essay requirements.

Financial Aid

We will complete various first-year student financial aid application forms based on the colleges to which you are applying. The college you attend will determine which financial aid forms are required for your second year and beyond. We help with the FAFSA, CSS Profile, NCP, and Business Farm forms, etc.


Matriculation is the final step of the EdMD process and is required for each student and family to finish the process of acceptance and all that comes thereafter.

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With Over 18 Years Experience, EdMD can Improve Your Odds

EdMD helps students with career planning, major selection, application completion, essay development and editing, creating unique extracurriculars that stand out, and financial aid forms. With over 18 years’ experience, EdMD has helped 2,160+ students successfully submit 26,000+ college applications and 35,000+ financial aid forms. We can help.